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Published on February 15th, 2014 | by Lizzy Fowler


Review: Phil & Teds Poppy High Chair

Review: Phil & Teds Poppy High Chair Lizzy Fowler
Ease of construction

Summary: Practical and durable with a modern, space-age design.


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It’s the chair that goes, ‘From high chair to “my chair”‘ and which manufacturers Phil & Teds promise ‘covers all the bases, being ‘stylish, safe and easy to clean’.

Indeed, there’s no doubt the Poppy is far more stylish than the affordable and practical Ikea Antilop high chair, with a moulded, modern seat that is as advanced in its technology as it is in its looks. And, with an oversized, wipe clean and dishwasher safe food tray, the Poppy is certainly no less usable than the cheaper, Swedish counterpart.

The seat itself boasts ‘aerocore’ technology: it’s soft and spongy, giving your child supportive cushioning when seated. It’s also hypo-allergenic, waterproof and can be wiped clean, which is important when feeding little ones is concerned. We all know more food often ends up on the floor than in hungry mouths – and there’s no telling where those little hands will wipe their dinner.

Perhaps just as importantly, the seat is also well suited to our Aussie climate, providing good ventilation as well as insulation and, for those who might want to house the seat outside, complete UV resistance so it won’t crack and the colour won’t fade (you can choose from three vibrant shades – cranberry red, bubblegum blue, or lime green).

It’s the chair that goes, ‘From high chair to “my chair”‘ and which manufacturers Phil & Teds promise ‘covers all the bases, being ‘stylish, safe and easy to clean’.

Arriving neatly packaged in a small box, the seat is easy to construct, with a pictoral, step-by-step instruction manual there if you get stuck. The high chair doubles up as a toddler chair for older toddlers, but if you’re putting the high chair together, the four legs come in two parts and slot neatly together. Slide on the foot stall and insert into the moulded chair, and you’re all but there.

Whilst the high chair is neat, it takes up a surprisingly large surface area with the legs angled wide for maximum safety. A harness, too, keeps your baby safe in the seat until the food tray is attached. It’s also light, and easy to pick up and move if you want to eat in different areas of the house – useful if you have an outdoor eating area as well as one indoors and don’t want or need to invest in two chairs.

As a high chair, the Poppy is suitable from six months to around three years old, and as a toddler chair (or ‘my chair’) – that is without the leg extensions and foot rest – can be used from six months to five years, with a maximum load of 20kg.

At $149.00, the Poppy isn’t the cheapest high chair on the market. However, it’s style, practicality and longevity make this more affordable. There’s no doubt that, once you’ve finished using your Poppy as a high chair, it will become a useful – and attractive – piece of furniture in your child’s room or elsewhere around the house.

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